Born Hero

Chapter 1
Our hero isn´t tall, is fast. He isn´t big, is strong. Doesn´t have long legs to run, he can fly. He doesn´t look like a Superhero, was born with Powers. He took the decision to live like one of us in order to help the human kind, using a mask to hide his greatness.
Chapter 2
The city at night is a lonely and mysterious place. Moe is doing his last
delivery before going home, unsuspicious of the danger waiting for him ahead.
Chapter 3
Villains!, Titans of nature, enemies of humanity, these are the most wanted thugs, criminal masterminds, pieces of sh... - err wait, correcting and rewriting this again - these are the most wanted people of all the times, the top ten list of existence, by the way any hero here? someone can help us? ...hello?

Chapter 4
When a hero is needed, he comes using stretch clothes without fear, our hero flies through air like mythological god, cutting the air with his aerodinamic outfitting. He doesn´t have a logo on his chest, himself is an icon.
Chapter 5
Moe isn´t dead, just froze. We still have time to save the day now that our hero has come, hopefully with success or we are doomed.
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